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"In a valley below the hilltop village and behind railway tracks are the haunting remains of an Austrian W.W.I military cemetery. Two of the gravestones are of Jewish soldiers: One, Dezso Steiner, apparently from Hungary and one, Solomon Gerschow, a Russian (possibly a prisoner of war) each marked with a Star of David." (picture in book) Source: Jewish Monuments in Slovenia. Gruber, Ruth Ellen and Samuel D. Jewish Heritage Research Center: November 1996. The US Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad.

The hilltop village about 30 km SE of Ljubljana has a derelict WWI Austro-Hungarian military cemetery behind the railway tracks in the valley below. In bad condition, much of the site today is an empty field with its five surviving graves, two the tombs Jewish soldiers. The once grand cemetery with imposing gates and a broad central walk leading to a massive Greek temple style monument with the Latin inscription, ‘To its finest sons, the Homeland gives thanks'. Rows of gravestones/crosses stood either side was designed by a military architect, Oberleutnant Joseph Ulrich, and built by Russian prisoners of war. Most interees were from a nearby military hospital along the railway line. Only the surviving portions of the cemetery are massive Art Deco stone gate pillars (dated 1915-1917), the huge Greek temple, five scattered grave markers, and two twisted rusty iron crosses. Among the gravestones are those of Dezso Steiner,  from Hungary, and Solomon Gerschow, a Russian and perhaps a prisoner of war. Each is marked with a Star of David. [January 2009]



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