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A Field Guide to Visiting a Jewish Cemetery, by Rabbi Joshua L. Segal, clearly offers something missing in Jewish genealogical research: a good book on understanding the ways of Jewish cemeteries and how to interpret the Hebrew inscriptions on tombstones.

The fact that tombstone inscriptions are in Hebrew can be a challenge to some researchers. But the material presented in the book is simple enough that it can be understood by those with the most minimal exposure to Hebrew. Yet the book is comprehensive enough to be a valuable resource to the most sophisticated Jewish readers.

There is a dictionary of Hebrew words and common expressions that appear on tombstones. Since the carving of a tombstone can be expensive, sometimes Hebrew expressions are represented in abbreviated form. An appendix shows commonly used abbreviations.

The book is 220 pages, softcover, and lists for $19.95. Avotaynu is currently offering it for $18.00 plus shipping. Additional information, including the Table of Contents and a sample chapter can be found at

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